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I am right!


According to psychological research, the greatest need of the human psyche is to feel as if we are right!  This is why it is especially dangerous for you to think degrading, debilitating thoughts such as "I'm not good , fast enough, talented enough, to compete because your mind will take these types of thoughts and create a persona which makes you right.  You may have a great deal of talent, but by talking yourself down you limit the physical abilities you have and success, if it comes at all, will be a fraction of what you are capable of.


For example;  once you start talking to yourself or others about the bad breaks you got, you give your mind the freedom to wonder into the depth of doubt.  Focusing on your ability to compete and simply do the best that you can becomes a struggle.  Focusing on the next shot, or play become impossible because your built in excuse meter will turn on and lead you back into self pity.  "Man, I can't buy a break today".  


A this point the athlete must make a choice, yes, you have to chose; are you going to follow the path of faulty thinking or are you going to take control of your decision making properties and get back in the game.  Make a choice!  Are you a great champion in your eyes, or someone lucky to have made the team.  Your choice determines your direction in life.

Rules for your game...


1.   Focus on the process, not the outcome.

2.   Don't leave your performance to chance.

3.   What you think about you become.

4.   When your need for something great to happen is your primary goal - you lose.

5.   Never take anything or anyone for granted.

6.   Beware the feeling of having an upper hand.

7.   Sometimes you are wrong, be the bigger person.

8.   You always have a choice.

9.   Never sit idly by when your teammates need you.

10. When you have prepared physically, your game becomes mostly mental.

11. If something annoys you, recognize it, become aware of it for what it is and move on.

12. When you are unprepared old habits will return under stressful conditions.

13. Winning is a great thing; but it you are not enough without it, you will never be enough with it.

14. Play as if the outcome doesn't matter.

15. Focus on what you can control.

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