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About Peak Athletic Consulting, LLC


For the past 30 years Jeff Anderson has been working as a player and a coach to improve his abilities, and the abilities of those around him. He was a four-time All-Conference baseball player at the University of Nebraska followed by three years with the Chicago White Sox Organization. He has coached baseball at the collegiate and high school levels bringing a professional perspective to the game to enhance his athlete's performances.  Jeff had a promising major league career cut short by elbow and shoulder injuries forcing him to retire and re-tool his skills. Once his playing career was finished he focused his attention on coaching and learning the mental side of performance.  As a player he always understood there was a difference between getting by and being locked in mentally, having experienced it numerous times during his playing days but like many others didn't know how he got there.  Being in the zone or having a peak performance is exhilerating and produces physical performances above and beyond what a player might call their normal performance on the field.  The skills Jeff teaches have helped many of his students to find their competitive zone.


After Jeff gave up his baseball playing career he took up golf as a hobby until the thrill of competing again caught his interest.  After struggling to learn the game in the early years something finally clicked.  He discovered the mental approach to golf was similar to pitching in baseball and that once a skill is learned physically it can be enhanced mentally.  This realization, and a little luck has since produced eight club championships as an amatuer player as well as numerous other tournament wins, and a handicap index near "0".   A seven year span as a high school golf coach including 5 state appearances, a state championship, a state runner-up, two district championships, two district runner up, and an SIC tournament win has convinced Jeff that preparing to perform well is as much about how you think as it is about how you perform physically.  Jeff's golf program produced numerous college players, and two professional players, as a baseball coach he has seen many of his players play at the college level for NCAA Division I, II, III, and NAIA programs.  Jeff has helped both male and female athletes achieve their dreams in competition and is fluent in many sports.


After years of struggling to find the right mix between the mental game and the physical game Jeff finally ventured out and gained his Master's Degree in Sport Psychology.  A whole new world was opened up as many of the things he had been learning on his own were now verified through research.  There is a place called the "zone", and while elusive there are skills which can aide an athlete in achieveing peak performance.  Thirty years of searching as a player and coach has been an adventure, but Jeff is certain the adventure is just beginning.  Why not give Jeff  a call and find out how you can take control of your mental game starting today?

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